Monday, May 6, 2013


HawthornJust the other day it was spring and now I'm harvesting whenever there is some spare time. The hawthorn tree was loaded with berries, but only about 2/3 can be harvested because many are too high up, and the thorns are rather deadly to prevent any thoughts of climbing into the tree. I have a good ladder but it is rather unstable on soil, as I once discovered when it gave way underneath me and I was dangling with one foot on the rung and hanging from a branch of the apple tree. Hilarious to witness, I'm sure!!
Hawthorn berries and leaves make a wonderful tonic for the heart and the circulatory system. It is wonderful to be able to harvest my own organically grown hawthorn and use it in the practice. It is one of those herbs which is nutritious as well as medicinal and very safe to use.

I now have 16 jars of olives curing and many more olives still on the tree. Such an abundance!! It all keeps me pretty busy.

 Added to this are the wonderful guavas which despite giving away baskets full, every day there are more. It is a pity that one can't do more with this fruit. I have canned some, made guava roll (which no one eats) and stew them to eat with oats or yoghurt. One lady told me she stews them and freezes them pureed, which makes an instant delight to add to yoghurt. I'd need a separate freezer for the amount I can make.
                                                                 Organic guavas
This abundance makes me feel very grateful. All the fruits seemingly come from nothing each year. A gift from nature. I do try and feed the soil and water regularly, but the amount of fruit is overwhelming. The air is perfumed with guava scent and they are beautifully sweet from being ripened by the sun. What a gift!

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