Friday, May 17, 2013

Flower essence of poppy

My experiment with essence of poppy
Flowers essences are not new. In the 1930's Dr Edward Bach made flower essences, which are still made today, and many countries have flower essences of their native flowers.
 I was offered the chance to try a flower essence of my choice from the Institute of Phytobiophysics, and to write a review. Normally I prefer not to use my blog as a commercial site, but decided to share my experience after all.

It was only after I had chosen the flower essence of poppy that I received the pamphlet which suggested choosing the flower essence that matches an area of weak energy, which is defined by a colour. Poppy (being red) was represented by the colon and urogenital area, not an area of concern to me. I had originally chosen it for “life blood” because my heart is my weak point, as I suffer from rather alarming arrhythmias. So in effect I had made a mistake in my choice based on not reading the instructions properly! Nevertheless, it felt like the right choice.

For the first two weeks it was probably too soon to see any change in myself. I’m not the sort of person to believe too much in placebo effects in myself, so I noted things like mood and quality of sleep, and these fluctuated greatly, so I couldn’t pinpoint anything specific. I noted a day of extreme energy, but then came down with a slight cold, which often happens – extreme energy followed by feeling “off”.

After taking the pilules 3 x daily for several weeks I felt very well. It could have been my imagination, but I did feel that my energy levels were vastly improved. I was more motivated to do things and was getting them done. The weather had been cooler which could also have something to do with it. It may have been a coincidence, but I thought that my heart had been really calm for a long time.  But then recently it flared up again, for no obvious reason.
 For me the best thing was feeling very motivated, but this did coincide with a very busy spell in the practice with interesting new cases, which in itself is very uplifting. I have stopped the pilules for about a week now, to see whether I feel different, and I definitely have felt flat, but now am too busy to feel anything but charged. I am planning to take the pilules again from next week to see whether this changes.

All in all a very interesting experiment. Have a look at the website

If you'd like to know more about poppy:



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