Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Moving the bees

Before the move. This is the entrance to the owl box which in the space of one year got filled up with bees.
Luckily the side panel of the owl box is removable and this is what was revealed when it came off. 

Here is the "bee whisperer" at work.

The new hive.

The new hive going into its new place. 

Honey comb which I was allowed to keep. The rest went into the new hive.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Down the garden path

Spring is a time of lush abundance and here in Cape Town, getting some rain at this time of year is such a bonus. My tanks are full and give me 6000 litres of water for the dry months. I walk around the garden in awe. Hypericum, Verbena and Chamomile are rocketing with spring energy and forming a dense woodland atmosphere. Over the arch a banksia rose glows in delicate yellow and sends showers of petals like confetti over the pathway.
It isn't always as cool as this at this time of year, so walking down the path feels a bit like being in England, with a cloudy sky above and a deep shady green all around. Shepherd's purse, Chelidonium and Marrubium abound. They love my garden and their babies are everywhere.
Feverfew has self seeded so much that one can hardly see some of the paths in the bee garden. I like to leave things as they are and have to step carefully over trailing Rue (as it gives me a rash if I touch it) and cascading Geraniums. The scents are subtle but heavenly. The leaves of my showy Vitex tree have just as wonderful a scent as the berries. The Hawthorn tree is a beautiful green with florets of buds just waiting to open. The apple tree is full of blossoms.
What a joy to wander down one's own garden path, to breathe deeply and absorb the peaceful atmosphere. I am truly grateful for this abundance, for the quince blossoms, the aroma of fig leaves, and above all the splendid glory of the roses.


Thank you for sharing this little walk with me. I get a lot of inspiration from other people who love their gardens, and hope that I can do a bit of that myself. 
 Have a wonderful day in your garden.
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