Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ruby the puppy

The newborns
Ruby has been the reason for very few blog posts
over the past few months. Talk about having a baby
at the age of 60! Sleepless nights, disrupted days, being confined to the house - all these elements defined the arrival of this newcomer. The tranquility of the home was gone. My two other pointers were terribly put out, and are only now, four months later, starting to accept her. Rocco who doesn't like other dogs, was a big worry, but he has stoically put up with the ear pulling and biting inflicted mercilessly upon him, much to my relief. I have to referee these sessions as Ruby's energy knows no bounds. Her exuberance is delightful and exasperating at the same time.

Lila is the old girl, and has not tolerated any of this. Frankly I'm often grateful for her intervention with her angry growl being instantly obeyed by Ruby, whereas my hysterics have little effect.
At six weeks
"Silence is your best tool", says Cesar Milan. OK, so I'll practice silence and only use "shhh" to reprimand, I think as I set off on a walk. Thankfully as she is now older, the frantic pulling (which looked more like swimming), is under control most of the time. But I've had my legs excrutiatingly strangled in the chain, been pulled over onto my face, and had my hands and fingers pulled out of joint and made enough noise to alarm the residents of my suburb that a maniac woman is on the loose. When I get home I rate myself on a scale of naught to ten and usually get naught.
One of the worst aspects of having her, has been my disappointment in myself. I believed that I am now a calm and mature being who could handle anything with patience and dignity. Ha! All my adolescent emotions returned with a vengeance, as this scamp did all the usual things that puppies do - but that I didn't want her to do. "You must be calm and assertive to create a balanced dog" says Cesar. And here I am creating a delinquent in 10 easy steps! 

Taking a nap on my office chair
On the plus side, if it wasn't for Cesar she wouldn't have developed so well. When I was calm, I implemented his rules very nicely, and she is slowly turning into a quite obedient adolescent. She has wonderful spirit which needs nurturing rather than crushing, so I've learned to be reasonably tolerant.......

Eight weeks
Nothing is safe from her, from my underwear to the veggies I've prepared to cook that mysteriously disappear off the kitchen counter. I have never had a puppy that is so over enthusiastic about absolutely everything I do, from digging a hole to plant something, to watering the plants, her nose is right in there too. She's eaten six apples at a time, a whole packet of salted roasted broadbeans, and very strong ginger sweets. A whole bulb of garlic and a red chilli were also taken, but not eaten. In the garden she'll take a nibble of spring onion with relish. When she discovers a nest of eggs, I can forget about an egg for breakfast until the hen decides to find a new place. This obviously has to be a closely guarded secret.
Terrorising Rocco
Fitting in with the new family
I can't do anything without at least ten interruptions. Forget about a peaceful cup of coffee to read a magazine. She'll bring a ball, steal my biscuit, start a biting session with Rocco, steal something from the kitchen, chase the chickens, start chewing a hole in the carpet - you name it, she'll do it. There are a few holes in my lounge suite, in my carpet, in my clothes and my socks. There are quite a few holes in the garden, and the potatoes got dug out of the grow bags. She digs in her drinking water, food bowl, bedding and the carpet. In the garden she "helps me" by carrying sticks, trying to relieve me of a load of weeds, standing right next to the spade, broom or rake where I want to use it, and helping me dig the hole for the plant. Luckily she hasn't removed the plant once planted.This is one type of dog that needs people. If you leave a German pointer alone all day with no regular exercise, there will be major damage!
Luckily I am there to consistently correct her and there really is minimal damage. And in all fairness, she is so intelligent that she learns very quickly - it's her intelligence that makes her so curious and inquisitive.
At the end of the day when she snuggles up with me making her little grunting noises of contentment, I realise how worth it, all the effort is. She has so often made me laugh and  is utterly adorable.

On a walk
5 months old


  1. lovely blog post! Describes her perfectly :)

  2. Cesar makes it look so easy, but it's never quite like that. Sounds like you are doing quite well though. Perseverance is key.

    1. Too true!! But I think I'm doing a better job because of what I've learned from him, not to mention the self improvement. It turns out that I need the rehabilitation ha ha!!

  3. What a fantastic blog post. Ruby reminds me of Kayla. 100% incorrigible joy and energy at all hours of the day and night.

    1. Thanks so much. It's a joy to be able to share.