Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My bee garden

Lavender, feverfew, white horehound, wall flower, echinacea, nasturtium, rue, sweet william, thyme, hyssop, mexican sage and celandine grow in the bee garden.

The bees particularly love the white horehound flowers which are actually very inconspicuous. Many butterflies flit happily here too and the garden feels very much alive.

Many of the plants are self seeded. Even the echinaceas self seeded and I had small plants growing in the cracks of the paving! I like the wild effect which self seeding brings, and which insects love. It gives me so much pleasure to see how many insects enjoy and make use of the plants in my garden, I can only encourage everyone to do the same, and give the pollinators a poison-free environment.


  1. Wow, really lush and green. Looks like a you have had great weather.

  2. great garden! i love the wild feel... my parents have an acre in durban and one winter we let the grass go wild. we had so many birds and it was a treat to watch the indigenous grasses swaying in the wind...