Saturday, January 15, 2011

Herbs for bees

Most of us have probably not spent too much time observing insect life. Since I have been alerted to the bee crisis in the world, I have taken the trouble to observe more, which plants seem to attract bees. Here are some of them:
The bees were working hard in the lavender this morning. Makes me want to plant even more!
Chicory flowers are very popular with bees. I let my chicory self seed and it comes up all over the place. The leaves would not be too popular with most people because of their bitterness, but a small amount added to a salad really makes the salad much more interesting, and is good for the liver at the same time.
Evening primrose

Evening primrose flowers are absolutely loaded with pollen, and attract night flying insects more than those that fly in the day, because they bloom at night. But this morning I took this picture as the bloom was starting to fade. Exquisite! Other herbs that attract bees are thyme, basil, clary sage and sage, marjoram, oregano, melissa and many of the mints. There are many more, but this is a start! 

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  1. Beautiful photo's, wow... this is so perfect for our next project with Mr.Mouse! xxx