Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A picture of the chicks that hatched.

After 6 weeks of sitting on eggs finally four hatched. The first batch of eggs were all duds, but this lot produced the four out of seven. Proud mum is taking no chances with them and has not ventured out in to the garden with them yet. I was a bit stuck as to which food to buy them because the chickens for some reason don't eat the chicken food. So I bought Italian Polenta and they love that.
While I was in the garden tying up tomatoes, I heard a plop behind me and turned to see a plum had fallen out of the tree. This was immediately followed by another plop and a fieldmouse fell on top of the plum! I wish I had my camera for that picture!! I would never have thought that a fieldmouse would climb a tree!

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  1. LOL, thats a great story!!! and not to mention a definite kodak moment! I found this story online I thought you might find interesting, so I'm sharing it below XOXO, Yusra