Friday, September 17, 2010

Working dogs and working chickens

 The dogs are very adept at catching mice and rats and keep themselves busy on the lookout. The odd dove has also succumbed!
Luckily they respect the fact that the chickens are mine and ignore them. Rocco the brown one with the long tail, is just two years old, and I don't quite trust him yet so if I go out for the day I make sure the chickens are safely locked up. The chickens of course volubly protest about this and grumble for most of the day - but then I'm not able to hear that. I hate having to keep them away from the garden - but rather safe than sorry! Now the chickens would you believe it, (and if you own chickens you will know this) also are very capable of catching mice. It is quite a sight to see the tail hanging out of the chickens beak. These chickens of mine are bantams, so a mouse is quite a struggle for them to swallow!

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